Blending Oils with Passion

Our research about oil blends is defined by the passion we have towards health and nature. We respect each essential oil properties and ability to mix to provide all benefits to the fullest.

Blends for our daily life

insect repellent


Mosquito repellent


No Chemical, No DEET is what provides you with a safe insect and most of all mosquito repellent. We have tested several mixes of the well known key oils to prevent you from the more and more common conditions. We come up with 8 essential oils as a perfect combination to keep your family safe.

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Foot Care


Every step counts when it comes to your life. Healthy feet can enhance your life, but feet that hurt can make life less enjoyable. Caring for your feet can feel like work, our 5 essential oil blend will provide you with a perfect solution for every aspect of your feet health from skin to nails.

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Hand Sanitizer natural


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