Foot Care Essential Oil Blend

The list of skin and toenail ailments is never ending but developing disorders on your feet can pose major health problems. The 5 Essential oils blend is to be sprayed directly on your feet after a shower or in your shoes to prevent major discomfort and provide you fresh and healthy feet.

Tea Tree- Geranium – Clove- Lavender – Eucalyptus

Tea Tree

Tea Tree oil brings its natural antiseptic to fight off common skin problems as well as promote healthier toenails and fingernails. Because Tea tree has natural anti-bacterial properties, it is an effective deodorant. Apply without moderation over your feet after shower.

A wonderful oil for the skin, Geranium’s antiseptic properties are helpful for skin ulcers. It is also popular for it’s regenerating and toning effect. It’s another perfect match with its powerful healing and natural deodorant properties.



Remarkable as a general pain reliever, Cloves is well-know to boost the immune system. It will help you purify and stimulate your feet blood circulation as well as support the healing of cuts.

Well known for its light, floral and powdery aroma, Lavender oil provides comforting and soothing of occasional skin irritations and its healing properties can help prevent infection, reduce scarring and ease itching sensations.



The benefits of eucalyptus are many and it remains one of the most popular essential oils with an aroma described as airy and camphoraceous. Its purifying properties make it the perfect add-on to cleanse and revitalize your skin.