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Thank you very much for your quick handling of the order, we were going for a week-end by a lake and were looking forward to receiving your Mozzie Block. Perfect protection, nice feeling on the skin and what a nice smell.

Thumbs up for your foot care blend, the feeling is pefect for the entire day. I have got a smooth skin back.

Thank you. Keep up blending.

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8 Essential oils blended for optimal protection

It’s essential to keep your loved ones and yourself away from insect bites. Check out how we strive to keep mosquitoes and other fleas off. A perfect mix to stay safe.

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All your feet needs fulfilled with 5 essential oils blended ready to use

Long day standing, tight closed shoes in a hot and humid season, wherever you are those are 2 of many situations where your feet are suffering. Learn how to care.

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Water or Serum;
Roses are your skin fountain of youth

Rose essential oil and serum are old recipe used in many cultures to protect and maintain your skin. The rose scent is also well-known to energize and heal the mind.

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